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Unlockable Bootloader

Hi there guys, I Want to ask you guys about unlockable bootloader policy for new Nokia 7 plus which has been started preordering in Europe and also coming to India. Can any of the moderator or support team member help me get to get my answer in this regard? I would like to know if Nokia 7 Plus will be bootloader unlockable? You will ask me why I want that. The simple reason is that I and many of the users are power users who would like to control their devices as they want. That's my one of the most basic want before I get any device. I hope I'll get my reply. Not only me but there's a huge community of Android enthusiasts who are waiting for the response on this. Thanks.

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Hey, I own the Nokia 8. HMD said in September 17 that they'll unlock the bootloader for their devices. But till now no updates on the state of bootloader unlock. I am considering selling my device and get a developer friendly device like the OnePlus.

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Yah well kinda sad that it is. even after partnering with google for android one programme it really is not possible for newer devices too i think. and getting no reply from any of the company representive is more bad. Atleast they should answer this.

Hi Nokia(HMD), Would you be so kind to give as an answer regarding bootloader unlock? It's not like we're asking for a precise date we're asking if it'll be possible or not at all! By giving users the possibility to unlock the bootloader your sales will bloom! There are thousands of enthusiasts that believe in the build quality of your phones. But most of us (thousands of us) are Powerusers and fanatics to the Nokia Brand. Don't you dare to Disappoint US. Regards, Ardit Albania
I'm using Nokia 8 was launched more then 7 months @juho sarvikas promises to unlock the mobile before 7 months...till today he didn't put his promise....more sad thing is when Nokia 8 launching their focus on camera features but in real it has been 7 months no still big issue with camera
Please Nokia (HMD) open up your nice hardware for maximum experience. If the devices aren't open to install custom roms i cannot consider buying them.
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