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Terrible performance on Oreo


My wife's Nokia 5 after update to Oreo is so slow in normal tasks as almost not usable. Opening application like FB takes more than 10 seconds. Scrolling is very stuttering. This is very frustrating when operation like pressing home button to wake phone takes around three seconds to turn on screen...

Do something about it!

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Make a new ringtone the general and silent profile. And choose that and reboot your phone. It will work
Do what now? Lol

Same here. A reboot sometimes makes it usable again for a while, but performance is generally way below par even for this class of phone. Some features of Google Maps seem to be a particular trigger -- things can be working okay until I use Maps for something like navigation or sharing my location, and that seems to completely kill performance even after I'm done.

Terrible phone, hardly useable, very annoying ! NEVER AGAIN

I got a Nokia 5 brand new last week  and it came installed i think with 7.1.1. Thing is i installed all my apps on it was lightning fast, quite a bit faster than what i was expecting out of a midtier smartphone. I used it like that for 3-4 days and it was great. Then i updated to oreo 8.0.0 with the march 1st security patch and it's really sluggish now. Best way to see the delay is lock you phone with a pin and also have vibrate on touch screeen press on. Before the update it was instant now the vibration is at least 0.7-1 sec behind the actual touch of the screen. All apps load pretty slowly camera being the worst offender. Might just back up the data and do a factory reset to get it back to 7.1.1 cause the latest version is way to slugish as in slower than my old lumia 630.

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