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March security update Rolled out

Received march security update on TA-1004 r8 now.Not yet downloaded.


Got it, installing as we speak.

No update to camera yet.. 

One noticeable change is they have added google lens in this update. 

Do you mean as a seperate app or integrated in google photos? I don't see anything google lens related on mine. Then again i also don't have google assistant since my phone language is set to dutch-Belgium.

Frage habe ich auch (nichts derartiges nach dem Update auf meinem Gerät gefunden, weder unter "Google Fotos" noch unter "Google Assistent").
March security update??? Where is it??? I have not got any notification on my Nokia 8:frowning_face:

@LennartB Its integrated with photos.Go to gallery and open any photo ,u could  see google lens icon as 3rd option.(after edit icon).

@pechu google lens got integrated with the last update of google assistant and google photos. It has nothing to do with march security update. This is just a security patch.

oo i c..I didn't noticed that one.Sorry  

Hat auch nichts mit dem Sicherheits-Update zu tun. Aber wie schon gesagt, hinsichtlich "Objektiv/ Lens" hat sich bei meinem TA-1012 nichts getan, kein Icon bei Assistent, Fotos o. ä..
Yesterday got march update on TA-1004, but notification of 8.1 disappeared (not yet installed). Probably I have to re-insert a Vodafone Sim to receive update notification (same trick as for 8.0).
I did not receive a notification for the update but tried the Vodafone sim swop and the update appeared. This leads me to believe that there is a white list in operation covering certain service providers and BT is not on the list. This is quite bizarre as BT only sell unlocked phones and mostly Sims. I don't understand HMD's logic for blocking updates to BT sim equipped phones. Maybe it's Brexit related.
I'm on EE in the UK who havn't even yet pushed out 8.1 so it's anyone's guess when I'll get the March patch, they are the slowest network for updates in the UK, I made a huge mistake going with them!
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