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NO IMEI Number on warranty bill

Hello, Did people who got Nokia 8 from Amazon, did you people checked if there is any IMEI Number on the warranty bill ? Nokia service care are not accepting the bill without IMEI number

where're you writing from?

i've bought it on amazon italy, no imei on my bill, never saw an imei code of a purchased phone written on an italian bill of amazon! o_O

 I'm from India, my earphones stopped working and I went to nokia care center, they said that there is no IMEI number on the warranty bill, so we cannot accept it. I tried calling amazon, and they are not at all aware of this, I escalated this issue to them.

in your phone you have an app called "support", inside it a menu called "warrenty status", if you see "active" then try writing directly to nokia, use the chat.

you should have have 6 months of warrenty on earphones

They will say to get the earphones replaced at Nokia care centre. And they ask for warranty slip with IMEI number. They will take the copy and send it to concerned team. Without the IMEI number on the warranty copy, they can't justify that the bill is related to you phone.

WTF! I could understand this kind of restinction about a mobile phone released years ago, but nokia 8 was released few months ago, a bill with written on "NOKIA 8" it's certainly related to my phone, how they can say a different thing???

i'm really sorry about your situation, nokia care should also start from these "little" things!

I'm frustrate, want to sue Amazon for this.
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