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Bad connection on first call

I've been using my Nokia 3310 3G that i purchased online.  However, every time i make a call or receive a call on my phone the line/connection is very bad that i can not completely understand any words on the other line.  My remedy on this is to drop the call and call again right away to the other line. Then the line would be now clear when i do this.  This happens every time i call or receive a call.  

I will appreciate if you can help me on this.

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I am experiencing exactly the same thing and have already took my phone back, but the replacement phone has exactly the same issue AGGGGHHHH!!!!!!!!! The first phone it primarily happened when someone rang me, now it happens both ways where the voice breaks up. What is infuriating is the provider tests the phone by ringing it, and then it performs perfectly for the first few seconds of the hello, and they come to the conclusion there is nothing wrong with the phone. 

I'm curious how many others are experiencing this, as the outlets selling these phones and my provider have been adamant there have not been any problems with this by other consumers. Sooooooo frustrating and I do not want to have to do as you describe Dennis to get a clear sounding call. 

I solved this issue by selecting "2g only"

We have exactly the same problem described as above.

Our situation is a little different because we have purchased 30 devices.

Is there any solution to also use 3g?

 I purchased my Nokia 3310 in December 2017. I am a big fan of Nokia and only needed to replace my old Nokia due to the shutdown of the 2g network in Australia. I work in a high tech role which requires me to travel all over the world. I have no need or desire for a Smartphone as I have enough technology in my life as it is. My old Nokia phone was excellent and worked everywhere I traveled flawlessly with the exception of the US. The new Nokia 3310 is an excellent phone and does everything I need it to. It even works in the US. There is however a dark downside to the Nokia 3310. Around 30% of the calls I make or receive are absolutely unintelligible. The call quality is so bad that I have to hang up. This is embarrassing. When I call back the call quality is usually excellent. The problem is not related to the person I am calling and is totally random. My network (Optus) is aware of the problem with the Nokia 3310 and indicate it is related to the way the phone sources phone towers during calls. I contacted HMD regarding the problem and they suggested I replace the sim card. I have done this however the problem remains. I have contacted them once again and they have said they can do nothing other than forward my report to a higher department. I have contacted the retailer where I bought the phone. They advise they have received simlar complaints from other customers. They are willing to send the phone back to HMD however advise that on previous occasions the phone is tested and returned as serviceable with the problem remaining. I really wanted the Nokia 3310 to be a great phone. Unfortunately I have had to stop using it. I have thrown my Nokia 3310 in to the naughty corner and moved to an Aspera F26 instead. The Aspera works all over the world as did the Nokia. It is nowhere near the general quality of the Nokia but...the call quality is consistent 100% of the time. HMD: please fix the call quality on the Nokia 3310 so I can use one with confidence as a reliable phone.

I am having the same problem Initially I thought it was a problem with my provider, but then I moved overseas and the first call I made had the same problems. So disappointed!

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