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Nokia 6 terrific issues after Oreo update

Sound is broken . Crappy noisy sound are being produced by speaker. Disabling Dolby fix a bit but no hope . I installed latest March security fix but nothing fixed . I never expected this from Nokia . Please fix it . I cannot here music in my phone for long . HMD fix it by April . I want reply from company . When it gonna fixed ? Camera Quality degraded as compared to last stable Android 7.1.2. The great and epic battery life is over too. But we need this sound fixed as soon as possible.

Audio hissing existed since february update, it's not fixed until now. Praying hard that the april update will fix it. Super catastrophic   

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I am hoping that HMD will fix it . I am loosing my hope pretty much . Any moderator or somebody can reply it that when it would be fixed.
The question would be when did you update and on which device? I am using a TA-1021 and I updated to Android 8.0.0 on 3rd March 2018. I haven't got a problem yet. It is possible that your devices might have downloaded a Beta build, or least partly. In this case Hard Rest is the best bet at current level and if you happen to have enough patience you can wait for a while to update rather than quickly jumping to updates. However, the issue also might be due to memory dump. Clearing application data might resolve the problem in some cases. It should be noted that Dolby Atmos Algorithm has known issues with Android 8.0.0 and will be sorted with the following updates, the issue is mostly because of how Android 8.0.0 handles Audio content which is different from previous Androids.

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Something is screwed up in android sound API nothing to do with Dolby.

I contacted Nokia about the volume and audio-timeout issues.  I just received the following reply, but I'm not sure which issue they're referring to.  Hopefully both.


We would like to inform you that there will be an OTA update by the end of this month that will provide a fix for this issues you are experiencing.

If you need any additional help or have any questions, please, don't hesitate to contact us!
Kind regards,
Nokia Mobile Care team


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