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Notifications mute autimatically only vibration is on

Phone goes on silent mode automatically, checked do not disturb and was turned off, solves only after restarting for some while and goes back to silent.

NOKIA 8 (TA-1004) running on Android 8.1.0

Security Patch 01 March 2018.

cleared cache of apps and a restart using volume & power key hold as advised by support, issue did not resolve.

Does anyone has a solution to this?

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Even I am having the exact same problem ... Please help in solving this
I have also same problem...please solve it
I have same problem in my Nokia 8 
I would like to request you to kindly follow the below steps one by one:

me also having the same problem. 8.1 with April security update

Its a bug in 8.1 even on my 7 plus.. after i restart it again starts giving me notification sound.. hooe they fix it in next update

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