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Screen Swipe Problems


Since getting the Oreo 8.1 Beta I have issues when swiping on the screen (issue remained with final 8.1).

As an example, when receiving a call, I swipe up, but the green button jumps back down and I have to swipe up 2-3 times until Ican take the call.

Same if I swipe to the right to clear certain status messages. I swipe right, but instead of beeing cleared, the message jumps back and I have to do it several times.

Accepting calls is much worse than clearing messages swiping to the right.

Many people reported this also on XDA Forum, so it seems to be an issue for many people.

I have already reported this issue in the 8.1 Beta Aapp, when running the beta back a few weeks ago.

As stated, this issue was not there with 8.0.

2 people have this question

So at least the problem is confirmed.

I hope that Nokia is working on that problem since I don't want to change the Dialer App and keep the official Google one.

I have same problem please help me hmd global And Nokia team
I have lots of trust in nokia ....please help me hmd global and Nokia team
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