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Music player stops

Spotify stops after about 30 minutes play . Is there a fix for this problem? It was ok in Nougat. I have done factory reset, but no help.

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Since I updated to Oreo I have a similar problem with black player. I originally thought it was the app or maybe the SD card but after testing both on a phone running android 6 I have to conclude it is Oreo.
Hello, your problem is just a matter of setting. Need to go: Apps & notification - App info - Spotify - Battery and parts Manage battery usage to turn on Background activity. Then there will be no shutdown problem.
I have already turned on the battery background activity but it didn't help.
Interesting, it helped me. Please try to check Settings - Battery - Background activity manager. Still might be a problem with the Spotify version (I have version, or are you using a different battery saving tool?
I have the latest Spotify version and don't have a different battery saving tool.

OK, so I'm done. I hope someone else helps. It may be resolved by updating your app or OS.

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