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GPS Issues?

Hi! Yesterday i had trouble picking up gps signal, then it picked up eventually but delayed, then lost connection and then it worked fine. Today it worked fine with waze. Yesterday I tried google maps but for some reason it said I didnt have internet conection, here drive no gps connection and meo drive worked eventually, i don't remember exactly the order of which I tried. Could it be the bad weather or app issues? Thanks

Tech Wizard

The phone obtains an approximate location (A-GPS) from mobile cell towers and nearby Wi-Fi, but a real GPS radio signal from satellites is required for navigation.Heavy clou

ds weaken the signal from satellites, and can block it in rare cases, but GPS reception issues is often caused by for example a car holder or a phone cover / wallet.
- Anything metallic that cover the top and bottom antennas (the U shaped plastic inserts in a Nokia 6) will affect the GPS (and the mobile and Wi-Fi performance).

If you are in doubt about the mechanical health of the phone then please have it inspected by a qualified technician.


I'm not sure if this obvious for all but anyway:  Driving in the midst of many highrise and skyscrapers makes GPS reception (of what ever phone & model) intermittent or unavailable. It is also so when driving in a mountainous regions. Not to mention when driving though long tunnels.

I experienced in the past when I drove though the nearby tunnel (it is only 500 meters long) that the A-GPS always dropped off very soon when the car had entered into the tunnel. Then I bought the Nokia 6 about 6 mounts ago and amazingly the A-GPS stays on every time the whole length of the tunnel and the position (progression) of my car appears to be be shown correctly.  So, either the Google Maps has been improved, or the tunnel has been improved, or the Nokia 6 has better A-GPS reception than my earlier phone had.

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