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When will i get nokia 6 2018 in India? At what price?

I am thinking to buy Nokia 8 (2017) or Samsung A8+ today.

But i wanted to buy Nokia 6 (2018).

I lost my phone and i am in need of new phone today.

Exactly when will i get Nokia 6 (2018) and what will be price of Nokia 6 (2018)?

Is Nokia 8 (2017) a good choice over samsung a8+?

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Go for nokia 8 ... Really worth the money
Nokia 6.1 are sold on India. But the product is little priced by the local retailers and selling at 17000 rs for 32 GB device. Since I am big fan of Nokia mobile phone. I bought it though it is over priced of Rs. 17,000 for 32 GB mobile. Nokia 6.1 is a better choice compared to other Chinese mobile phones
Go for the Nokia 7 plus. 6.1 is not a bad phone but Nokia might not gonna release 4GB ram variant in India. 3GB RAM isn't enough for multitasking. In my phone, there's only 651MB ram left all the time I checked. (Stock Android though). Storage is also limited to 32GB. Wait for the 7 plus.
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