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Nokia 6 - TA1000 not signing in my google account

 Hi, after few days I updted my Nokia 6-TA1000 to Oreo I needed to change also the Google account password, because I used my account on a public PC. When I tried to change the password for the account in my phone I found out it was not possible and as consequence I delete it from the phone, because I wanted to add it again in my phone updating the password. Unfortunatelly I found out I cannot sign in it from my phone anymore. There is some solution to this problem? I think the reason is that the Oreo version for Nokia 6-TA1000 is the chinese one, and in China Google is censured. Is there any reboot method to bypass limitation.

The error message is "Couldn't sign in. There was a problem communicating with Google servers. Try again later."

I want to add that I installed already the secury update of March 2018, but the problem appeared before that update.

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