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Obtaining ip address.

After receiving the latest security update, I noticed that my nokia 6 has trouble in connecting to wifi. It connects if I restarted the router, or if I used static ip address instead of DHCP, but then again when phone is restored back from hibernation (apparently oreo goes to hibernation, and within that time the wifi auto disconnects as well) phone doesn't connect back to wifi. I again have to restart the router to connect. I am wondering why this trouble. my laptop connects fine without any trouble with the router. 

I just reseted the phone, but it didn't fix the wifi problem either. :( now I have to install the apps and configure them again. 

Tech Wizard

Is the Nokia 6 a Chinese variant (TA-1000 or TA-1003) and is it used outside China?

If not then please, which variant, in which country, at which mobile operator?

You may be able to set the 'Network rating provider' to None, in Settings > Network & internet > tap Wi-Fi > Wi-Fi preferences > v Advanced
(This is just a wild guess. I can't replicate the issue on my phone).


I reseted the phone, and also the router. Now it's resolved. :) thanks for wanting to help. 

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