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Seperate ringtone and notificationtone

Hello how can I separate the notification tones and ringtones and system sounds at oreo. Mobile is a nokia 6

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Hello, I do not fully understand what your idea is. It's standard divided into a ringing tone, sound notification and alarm sound. You can do more settings in individual apps.
I would like to regulate the volume of the ringing tone and notification sound and system sound separately. Everything together is nonsensical.

user1521204148573, are you really not able to find the volume options in the settings menu as shown here: 

I can not verify this by myself since I still have the Android v.7.1.2. in my Nokia 6  but my educated guess is that if the volume control options really would be missing from Nokia 6 that has Android v.8.0 then there would be a horse-load of angry comments about it, all over the the net on all related discussion forums.

Of course I know where I find the volume control. but at stock android there is only the volume control and it controls ringing tone and notification tone and system tone together. but I want to regulate separately and have so far found no solution.


OK, I'm delighted to hear that of course you know that you are able to find the volume control dialog. 

Now the next more demanding step, how about if you actually go into that dialog?  It is only one tap more. Is that impossible for you?  If so, then why? 

To what ever this evolves, I'm out of this topic. Way too thick for me.

Try to try the following application: netroken
I have tested app, but no funktion with oreo
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