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Can't play recorded video 1 hour long

I have recorded video for 1 hour on Nokia 5. It was 720p resolution. It's total size is about 4GB. After recording tried to play the video and it's not playing or shows any error. Just a blank screen showing. Even not playing with WMP and VLC on PC. Anyone facing this issue?

Still can't recover the recorded video. Anyone have this issue?

Tech Wizard

I did not try replicate the issue, but had similar weird behaviour when recording more than 1 hour in Sony's audio recorder.
I guess it has something to do with the streaming nature of the file and/or a limit in Android. It's on my curiosity figure-out list for next winter.

Can the file be loaded in a video editor?
Kdenlive is free software, Sony Vegas is solid but expensive. You may also consider take the video file along with pizza and cola to somebody who is used to work with video editing, or a local Linux nerd?


Tried to add in Adobe Premiere Pro, but got error "The importer reported a generic error". No luck :(
If it is very close to 4GB, i.e. within a MB or thereabouts, you might be hitting some 32 bit limit somewhere (can happen even on 64 bit systems, if you trip over some legacy code). That's a real 4GB, i.e. 2^32 bytes; not a fake 4GB, i.e. 4 * 10^9 used by cheating storage vendors. That does not necessarily solve anything for you, but it might help you identify the problem. It's possible to hit that old limit with data slightly smaller than it, depending on how the code allocates and manages memory.
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