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Problem with oreo update

After Oreo update my nokia 6 is getting restart often when I used to open Whatsapp. Battery draining out when compare to previous version. Internet is slow.

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Hi, the fastest option for you will be Factory Reset. Another option is installing App to clean the cache and remainders after the update, or gradually reinstall the application that have the problem. Battery under Android 8 lasts less and that's the fact. Today there is nothing to do about it. Slowly internet is through the operator or Wifi?

This is a current incompatibility between WhatsApp app and Google Android Oreo, so it is affecting all the Oreo phones from all the manufacturers not just the Nokia 6 phone, take a look at:"whatsapp"+"crash+OR+crashing+OR+restarts+OR+restarting"+"android+8+OR+oreo"

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