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Nokia 8 let down by poor camera app.

The Nokia 8 is a great phone, beautiful ly designed and made. I also like the dead stock Android software ,which from my point of view as a designer, is dead right. K.I.S.S..... Or "keep it simple stupid"! is a very good design maxim. The android stock UI fits the physical appearance of the phone perfectly. But the camera app is very very poor. My old Nokia 735 had a much better camera app with adjustments for film speed,aperture, exposure, etc and white balance. The Nokia 8 takes very poor pictures in low light conditions and it's low light condition video rendition is appalling. Come on Nokia issue a camera app update giving us full pro functionality. Such a shame this fabulous device fails on that score.

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So you extol the virtues of KISS and then moan about the lack of a pro mode?

I am intrigued as how a pro function, or rather manual control is going to increase the aperture size, decrease ISO noise at high ISO and the ability push the exposure a couple of stops is going to make it suddenly a DSLR rival in low light.


There is a huge amount of debate online about the Nokia 8 camera and we all know it is rubbish in low light, a new app might improve it slightly but sadly the sensor and f2 aperture are pants, it is never going to be brilliant.

The Lumia 735 has a 6.7mp sensor with a f1.9 lens by the way....but still took pretty good low light shots. No one expects a smart phone to outshoot a top range digital SLR .....but with 13mp sensors the Nokia 8 ought to be able to fly as a smart phone shooter. The app needs big tweaks.
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