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Nokia 6 4G calling issue

I have a Nokia 6 on EE in the UK and am having issues with making calls on 4G, it dials the contact fine but will only ring about 4 times then display an error message 'timed out no response'. Is anyone else getting this, is there anything that can be done to stop this happening? My network says it's a VoLTE issue and are not interested in helping, anyone have any ideas??
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Tech Wizard

The VoLTE issues at EE UK has been reported by others in the forum.
It is for EE (and their Huawai network supplier) to sort out, technically (*)

All you can do is make sure all built-in apps are updated to its latest versions ... and set the maximum network speed to 3G, which is a rather ugly workaround on a 4G capable phone.

(*) VoLTE must only be available when it actually works. My Nokia 6 at Telenor DK goes to 3G when needed for phone calls, and back to 4G for standby and data when the call is finished. It's fast and reliable, it's a Nokia Network ;-)

Nokia phones that are VoLTE provisioned at specific carriers should have a toggle in Settings > Network & internet > Mobile network (or there about) to switch off 'Improved 4G LTE Mode'.

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