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Perfect Nokia flagship phone

Ok guys I was reading about the next Nokia flagship device on the internet and there's some things that bothered me. First there's a rumour that Nokia 9 will have a notch, and gotta say are you guys out of your mind? What are you trying to be? Chinese bottles apple? -_- seriously that's the most unnecessary thing on a smartphone and it will just increase the price of the phone for you and us. Ok enough raging :) just here me out. What are you guys saying about the Nokia phones? They are supposed to be provide us what we really need. And they should not be having any kind of unnecessary-one time effective solutions (get rid of that ugly notch ) So from this perspective your next flagship model should have a classic, useful design which means it shouldn't have anykind of notch, edge screen or something like that. It's bezels should be small of course we're living in 2018 we should be having small bezels. Here's my idea about the Nokia 9, it's on development status right now right? So you should be staying away from mistakes. First it's ram should be ddr5 ram speed is the key between the devices that using the same processor. And camera; Samsung using a very good camera on their phone so I'm starting to worry if you use the same cameras with the current devices that won't be good enough for compete against the s9 so that rumored Penta lens have to be as good as you guys saying and one little thing don't forget to add OIS (you guys were using it before the everyone else I don't understand why Nokia 8 sirocco don't have the OIS) OIS is essential for a camera focused phone. Sony doesn't using and you can see what status are they; they are going straight to the bottom. There MUST be a xenon flash There MUST be a headphone jack. You guys keep advertising the microphones of Nokia phones but what about the speakers? Are they good enough? I don't think so; only Nokia 6 has stereo speakers and none of the flagship models don't have stereo; so disappointing. Nokia 9 MUST have 2 front facing stereo speakers (just put a little bit bigger versions of Nokia 6s speaker; with the theatre mode Nokia 6 can create some sort of virtual 5+1 effect,it even uses the earpiece for this but as you can expect that doesn't effective as a second speaker. As for the screen it must be better than the one you guys put on the Nokia 8 sirocco (it's color balance is not so good colors changing on the edges) Nokia 9 should have a 5.7 inch AMOLED screen, and screen to body ratio is should be about 85-90% but don't put a notch or edge screen they just increase the price. Aside from the hardware Nokia 9 should have a good software too; it's good to have a pure Android version but it's a little bit empty; don't go overboard but add an original Nokia gallery and music player and a file manager application and you guys should port the old Nokia sleeping screen app to Android it will give the phone an original -premium look. Long storys short don't add any kind of useless innovation to the phone (we don't need notch and edge screen) they just increase the price for no reason, and don't remove the useful things like the headphone jack, just add some useful things like those apps that I listed above. Actually I would send this wishlist to juho sarvikas but I don't know his email :D

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You've made some good points. Their own gallery and music player would be very welcomed. A music player that has a similar UI as Mix Radio would be really good.I agree with everything you want . Would love those features in all fit Nokia phones.

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That's a great wishlist! Just a suggestion, it's easier for people to support your ideas if you write your part so it's easier to read - new lines, paragraphs etc. Maybe you're doing this and the forum software is removing them - if so, raiser the issue in the forum support section. Also, if you post your ideas individually you're more likely to get replies and support, discussion. Many ideas have already been mentioned actually, so perhaps you could search the forum and support the earlier ideas of others as well as posting your own new ideas.

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Feel like i've been cheated, Nokia Android is just google phone with Nokia logo. no Nokia apps, google callendar, google keep (notes) etc. every app. is google no individuality. come on give us the nokia brand we know and trust

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Nokia is nowhere to be seen by the trendy 18.9 inch screen. But the rabbit ears that are thick chubby chinese nothing else. Why not 18.9 and the chin on the bottom cut off. I do not have the bottom of the iphone as rabbit ears 5.1 and 6.1+ so disappointed in the design nothing worth mentioning as 7 and 6.1 2018 so beautiful if buy 5.1 and 6.1+ of nokia sure will be less buyers . do not run china be nokia
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