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Hi to Nokia Team and Nokia Users out there who knows how to downgrade android. From 8.0.0 oreo to old version 7.1.1. I want to go back to the original android version when I bought it to 7.1.1. android. Please help me with this. How?  Updates. Updates. Updates to newer and latest android versions can't handle with nokia phones. I want old version. Please help.

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Tech Wizard

You must visit the nearest Nokia care center for the downgrade. Check with the support team on the Support application for more info.

NOTE - Have a backup of your data before downgrading.

Why do you want that?

@Nishanth I already go to Nokia Care Center then they said. They can't do it. They will do upgrade but they can't downgrade. Why is that?
Simple. 7.1.1 is smoother than 8.0reo.

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I wish i didn't upgrade... now i have to live with it. well... there are worst things in life :\

How about a hard rest. It might downgrade the software.
I didn't think so. Hard reset would do nothing. It will just reset your basic apps and infos like erasing your google accounts, delete apps from play store. After that, you will just install it and log in your account again. Tsk.
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