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This is a checklist that nokia should mind if they want to make the God phone that can dominate all other brands(for my personal opinion only) this is all based on the best features that I can see on the whole nokia series. Combine it all into one perfect phone and everyone will come buying your phones. 1. Build quality, strong enough to counter 3310 (done already with nokia 6 though, verified.) 2. Dolby Atmos system (yep, good on nokia 6) 3. Xpressmusic (also add a built in equalizer something that can surpass the Viper4Android project. This is perfect for audiophiles like me. I was almost pulled to samsung when I heard the difference in earphone music.. turns out it was the equalizer case. Samsung's SoundAlive has more option than the natural Equalizer has, but Viper4Android has it completely, you might interest to buy them as a subsidiary it'd help boost sales thanks to equalizer systems.) 4. The mother of all phone cameras. The 41megapixels camera. Now, some of you might argue that double lens is better. But the image quality, the more detailed they are in the pureview 808 and lumia 1020, you can zoom so manytimes that it's still awesome. People doesn't actually mind the bump that much. (I have a nokia N8, and the camera bump doesn't disturb) the image quality is better than that of what I can see in dslr cameras. It's a big breakthrough in 2011-2013, it's time to bring the hammer of cameras back. The mjollnir. No one can lift it. Only nokia. I know some might argue that "bigger image doesn't mean better quality" and I wanna say to you. Go frickin on, go to gsmarena's pic compare. Check Nokia Lumia 1020 and Pureview 808's quality compared to Galaxy S9+. Samsung is still far behind in it. Surely nokia can still do it, they're back in partnership with Carl Zeiss AG.. Also, this time, add a 2160p video recording with it. Unlike on prev. Models which can only take 1080p with a 41 mp camera. 5. The iconic games. This might be a small deal for you guys? But in my country, people loves Bounce Tales, Snake 1-3(one including on nokia 6280's snake 3.), Space Impact remastered, and more.... Nostalgia is another factor that brings people back to its loyalty. 6.Radio transmitter. My nokia N8 is still alive to this date and it's very handy when some bluetooth speakers still doesn't function. I know people are going to say things like "oh? Who uses radios nowadays?" Stuff like that, but you know what? When you have this in your phone, It's very convenient that when you go roam to poor countries like philippines, you won't need a bluetooth speaker, almost every household here still listens to radio. 7. OZO audio recording from Nokia 8, look here. Your phone is already a God by reaching this seventh check list. The phone is already a multimedia specialty that can dominate the smartphone market. 8. Nokia has been developing 5g tech already and is set to launch. This is another breakthrough that can make you outstand. Remember nokia 6280? The first 3G phone? 9. Lastly, if you can rebuild symbian and make it successful. Do it. You remember when Nokia N9 was released with its special OS MeeGo? It was a mistake when the proj. Was left behind. It was well received by customers. You see my dearly beloved nokia, this is my dream for you.. to become successful, and this is the best idea that I could think of for you to be much more distinctively epic. These special features you have integrated to different phones, they become so outstanding because they're special in their own ways, Nokia 6.. I bought this because of it's dolby atmos specialty. Nokia N8, I bought for its radio transmitting specialty. My dad, who bought Nokia 6280, the first ever 3G phone. The capacity of this kind of phone combined together, just imagine what you can do with it. A phone that can function as a stereo music player, a nut cracker, a multimedia recording device that can almost technically be used as a tool for making movie college projects with its OZO tech and 41mp camera combined, and a radio transmitter that can be used for backup purposes when you're not bringin a bluetooth speaker, Look at your history, you're so special that none of them can replace you. I love you nokia so much.

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Lots of good suggestions there that I agree with, and have already been made several times before - you're not alone, lots of people agree! I'm not sure that a nutcracker is important though. However, if my phone could open a bottle of beer...

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here too...those suggestions are basically the same as the ones I posted here...very similar..HMD has to listen to this if they want to make their android phones feel always nokia phones from the past also had that special feeling to the consumer

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