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Camera software improvement needed

Dear HMD global, Good Day, I am using Nokia 8 which I bought it 25 days ago, reason of buying Nokia 8 was camera and Nokia brand name. I am not satisfied with the camera, it looks like the camera hardware is fine but software needs a lot of improvement. There are many errors in the software which are lack of focusing, slow image capture and slow performance, image processing and lack of details captured. In proper lighting conditions the image captured on Nokia 8 are very awesome but in low light and in some conditions the camera is not able to focus. It can surely be improved. There are some photos from Nokia 8 captured from Nokia camera app and Google's camera app. The photos captured with Google's camera app shows more details and produces better image than Nokia camera app. That's all I wanted to say and I hope this issue will be resolved very soon. Regards, Yasin Marfani, Nokia 8 user.

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I'm also BUYED it for camera and brand.... Using 6 months still no changes in camera.. irritating don't know still how much time they need

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front camera video recording in day light is bad due to especially plus is far better then nokia 

Moreover, compared to the camera from Google, the one from Nokia completely lacks any kind of panorama mode.

Nokia and Google seems to be very good friends, maybe Google could give access to his camera to Nokia users? Please!

I agree with you

HMD/Nokia working on releasing of New phones.

May be they don't have time to spend in providing proper validated camera app for Nokia 8.

Please atleast provide time line for releasing camera app for Nokia 8.

Is HMD/Nokia going to release it for Nokia 8 ?

Or users are wasting time in writing all the problems they are facing related to camera.

Nokia lumia 730 was not flagship but still it was equipped with Zeiss lens and perfectly working with satisfactory results.

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