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Beta labs product specific forums visibility


Hi all,


Due to changes in our Forum moderation policy we have decided to limit beta labs product specific sub-forums to the users who have registered for beta labs. This means that beta labs sub-forums will be visible only for the consumers who have registered for beta labs with their own devices. This change should help to focus the discussion in the threads to the beta SW related topics rather than general question/issues related to beta labs (e.g. registration issues, availability for product x).


Beta labs general forum will stay available for everyone. This forum is meant for the discussion if you have any problems with the registration or roll back, question about availability of beta labs or anything that is related to the beta labs in general.

Any comments are welcome.




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When will you start the Beta Lab for Nokia 6.1 Plus, I am eagerly waiting to join it.

Visibility brings transparency and builds trust. Taking it out of visibility is horrendous idea. If you are overwhelmed with responses from non testers, make it read only. Like it was said earlier by few users, this is of great help on making decision and encouraging new testers to take cognizant decision (rather than jumping in dark well).

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Read only is a good idea :)

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