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Bluetooth audio (in car) not working since 8.1 update

Since I installed the 8.1 update bluetooth (audio profile) music does not work in my car. The handsfree phone functions work and the contact sharing works but I can't listen to music or audio-books anymore. This all worked perfectly before 8.1

I have tried deleting and re-pairing, I have also tried another phone (it works) so it is definitely related to the 8.1 update on the Nokia8.

Anyone have any suggestions? I'm considering swapping the phone which is a shame because I quite like the Nokia but I drive a lot and like to listen to Audiobooks.

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Same here. To be able to play music in car I have to go into developers mode and manually choose SBS Bluetooth codek. Every time. Worked fine before the update.
Same problem

I also have the same problem with Nokia 8 and Android 8.1 update. If I pair the phone again, there is no problem. The next time I use it, the signal level is N/A and audio may be working, until it stops totally.

Very disturbing problem. Hope you can fix it in April update.

I also had the same problem with my sons Nokia 8 with Oreo 8.1 playing media sound over our PIONEER MVH-X580 Car radio in booth our cars no sound at all.

We tried following:

1. Restarting phone. Same problem

2. Restarting Car radio. Same problem

3. Playing over bluetooth headset. Works

4. Playing over HiFi bluetooth receiver. Works

So playing from the phone is not the problem.

I stumbled upon som bluetooth setting for the device named "HD sound. AAC" (don't know if the text is correct the phone lang is Danish). I disabled this setting and now the media playing over bluetooth works.

Hope this works

Have exactly the same problem. The connection is unstable. Sometimes works sometimes disconnect
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