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Bluetooth audio (in car) not working since 8.1 update

Since I installed the 8.1 update bluetooth (audio profile) music does not work in my car. The handsfree phone functions work and the contact sharing works but I can't listen to music or audio-books anymore. This all worked perfectly before 8.1

I have tried deleting and re-pairing, I have also tried another phone (it works) so it is definitely related to the 8.1 update on the Nokia8.

Anyone have any suggestions? I'm considering swapping the phone which is a shame because I quite like the Nokia but I drive a lot and like to listen to Audiobooks.

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My Nokia 8 Sirocco connects to my Honda Civic 2010 Navigation/Info system and plays music for 15-20 seconds then connection drops. Checks connection, connects, etc., etc. Phone on Oreo 8.1.0. Played with all the Bluetooth developer options as mentioned earlier but made no difference. This also happened with my Lumia 830 when upgraded from Windows 8.1 to 10. Very frustrating
As much as I love Nokia and I'm happy it's back to be managed by Nokia not Microsoft, this Bluetooth issue is getting beyond a joke. My phone even disconnected from headphones. You have to connect everything twice. Are those phones gonna be recalled? Can I return mine on warranty?

Settings > System > advanced (or develope) settings > blootooth sound (or audio) codek/kodec > streaming SBC or AAC it's really works!!!!!

I apologize for the insecurity, I have a Hungarian menu

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 This works! At least with Passat GTE 2017.

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I'll let you know how it goes with a Kenwood car stereo tomorrow! Thanks for posting!!!

I drive a Seat Ibiza with a Volkswagen media system. 

My issue is initially the phone connects, sometimes it works right off the bat, other times it says : connected (no media). Turning bluetooth on the phone off/on fixes it. I'll change it to AAC and see what happens.

I also have a Fitbit smartwatch and it doesn't have any issues with my phone, it's only the car audio system.

Hi,I have nokia 6.1 with oreo just bought new JVC KW-R930BT head unit,every thing works between the two except the BT audio,tracks scroll across screen,ph is playing,but no sound.Paired my sony z3,works perfectly.Paired my nokia with bluetooth Tech-incs speaker from warehouse,works perfectly,doesnt drop out,also my jvc doesnt have android auto,some headunits have it,mine was a cheaper doubledin version.But,I connected my nokia via 3.5mm cable to 3.5mm input and playing music perfect.Tried calling my nokia while in the car,from my sony,and worked well,no sound issues,and that was with nokia paired with JVC unit,so the nokia music is not being decoded by the jvc.Might give up for now,keep us posted

We had to change to a Sony head unit. Most others didn't work. Check blue tooth in store before purchase

jvc was bought online in nz,reputable car audio place,didnt realize it was an issue. will just use my sony if I need BT music

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