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Listening to music with headphones

Since the recent update (Mar 20 2018), when listening to music via headphones, two issues:

1. Pressing the Power key briefly to lock screen (so 42 different apps don't unintentionally attempt to call my mom or transfer money out of my bank account to someone I don't know while the phone is in my pocket) immediately cuts off the headphones and the music plays over the speaker.

2. After about 30 minutes of playing music via headphones, the Play Music app stops completely.

I assume there are settings for these, but I cannot find them.

Would appreciate any help, thanks...

Tech Wizard


Do Check if you have set up Camera shortcut key as the Power Key.
Nougat 7.1.2 - Settings > Gestures > Jump To Camera.

Also, The music blasts through loudspeaker when u take a screenshot. No Fix yet.. 

2. Do search the forum for this issue as you are a Oreo user and its a frequent error according to other posts by users.

Nishanth, excellent! Turning off the Jump to Camera worked... thanks a million!

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