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Nokia Pure UI

The Nokia I have been using were always with a font called S60 Sans, S40 Sans or Nokia Pure. I want even my newer ones to have Nokia Pure font on the UI, it just feels better than Open Sans.

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I was just thinking the same thing! I'd like to have the Nokia Sans and Pure fonts on Android as an option - please HMD?

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me too! having nokia pure font and perhaps nokia sans within the software in the phones from hmd would be awesome...also important to have them in the documentation...boxes...retail packaging etc...advertising...please HMD?

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I think that the documentation, website, etc already use Nokia Pure - it's difficult to tell exactly. But the font isn't on the phones.

This is the same situation as we had with the Lumias - Nokia used Pure for everything except on the phones, where they had to use Microsoft Segeo (I think that's the correct name).

Google probably insist that Nokia use Roboto to be allowed to use the "Android One" tag. However, I think HMD should still add Pure and Sans as options.

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I will agree to that, same case is with many other manufacturers who are stuck with either Roboto or Open Sans for their UI. When Meego came to existence, Nokia used Pure to define it and Harmattan UI is till date the most intuitive one I have seen. P. S. The font was Segoe WP and later Segoe UI which has no relation with Microsoft, they just picked it because it is lighter than many other fonts including Roboto.

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If HMD manages somehow with Google to change the font on Nokia Android phones it is likely that the Nokia pure font would be there instead of Sans...Nokia after 2011 decided to change old sans font for Nokia pure so it could reflect a more fresh company

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