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transfer data/contacts from 920 Lumina to nokia 5.

HI, is it possible to just "transfer my data" between these two phones? it worked great with my earlier Nokias.Thansk ,Gary.

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Tech Wizard

You can get your contacts onto your android phone in many different ways.

1. Install Nokia PC Suite on PC, Sync the contacts between PC and phone. Go to contacts, Select All and Export them to .CSV file format. Once this is done, you can open Gmail on a browser and Import the same to contacts.
2. Save contacts to SD card on Lumia phone and transfer to android. transfer the same to your Nokia phone and Import using contacts application.

A quick google search will help you with other methods.

hi,thanks for reply. I am not tech savvy,so number 1 is not do-able,thanks. I have tried to download contacts to sim card but there is no provision to do that. Is there a "transfer my data" app for nokia 5 like the lumina? it was so easy to do last time.Thanks Gary.

Tech Wizard

I suggest you give it a try first. It is not hard as it seems, Unless you are really unwilling to give it a try.

I suggested a easy way to transfer contacts to your new phone. If that is soo hard, then I suggest you manually enter the contacts to your new phone, Cheers !

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