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dual SIM dual VoLTE support

Please lunch nokia phone with dual SIM, dual VoLTE technology . Now we want an smart phone with dual standby 4G lte or dual sim with dual volte support. Thanks

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 HI guys i just sorted out the problem its VODAFONE who is doing this . after i escalated the issue regarding VOLTE in chennai then  they did some back round check and enabled VOLTE for my number .

I am in Kolkata and the LTE status is there in my status bar. And there's no issues with displaying VOLTE status. It seems there's not much coverage for VOLTE in your area but when it's available it will show up. Btw I am using Airtel only alongside a sd card on my Nokia 6.1 TA-1089 Oreo 8.1 with May 1 security patch level. So I can assure you that there's nothing wrong with your phone.

 I got the above point but the problem is with VOLTE no displaying in notification bar. I did check with service provider where they said will look into it but i need to confirm from NOKIAmobile that there is no is issue in notification of the VOLTE in notification bar. I am using vodafone and in CHENNAI TA-1089 device where as per service provider they are provisioning super VOLTE in the region

Go to network & internet>mobile network>advanced there you can find Enhanced 4G LTE mode

 One more difference is that still i don't see LTE symbol notification bar. I am really not sure whom to check this and to know whether really VOLTE works in my phone.

 Toady i saw a difference VOLTE got provisioned and same is reflected in *#*#4636 #*#* where the VOLTE option got enabled. AS i said earlier i have communicated dame with service provider . i am not sure how this is got enabled suddenly. is there any update is done offline .

kindly let me know how this possible?   

Dont update to may patch. May patch has wifi issues.

 I am using the phone for Past one week and i have updated may patch i don't see support of VOLTE . i am using vodafone . when i have checked with them they are saying option is there in Nokia 6.1 for enhanced VOLTE support but i dont find that setting in phone . when i tried *#*#4636#*#* i see the VOLTE is available but it seem to not enabled and manual intervention of enabling is also not possible .

Hence kindly see to the setting and provide us solution in enable VOLTE.

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Yes we want dual 4g feature in Nokia 6.1 in India asap

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Phones received an update yesterday with dual VOLTE support

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