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After unlocking phone, start screen is the first unlock key screen.. not home screen. how to set as home please

 I have bought my elderly mother a 3110 3g,  as she likes old style nokia.  However   I have found when you go through the  keypad unlock sequence of    -  menu button ( or either top L and R buttons), then *, the first screen viewed is  not the normal home screen, it is either the menu screen, or the screen that I have set the 2 top buttons to shortcut to...

This is confusing the heck out of her, as she constantly has to use the back button to get to the home screen before she can  start using the phone normally..

I tried using  the phone, and while  I was more familiar with using the back button, I found it extremely irritating to constantly have to use it .. ,,

Older nokias  used to start at the normal home screen after unlocking...

 Any tips or tricks to make  the 3110 do this ?


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