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Volume during regular phone call way too low

When I make a phone call, the call volume is way too low. This has not always been this case, only since the Oreo update. But the speaker is fine, because when I place a call via an app, like a Whatsapp call, Telegram call or Skype call, the volume is fine. It's just normal cellular calls. I guess it's a software issue, not a hardware issue. Does anybody have the same problem? I know, I'm old fashioned, I still use my smartphone as an actual phone - and I consider placing phone calls the most important feature on a phone, so I'm quite desperate. And I already reset my phone to factory settings - to no avail.

Thanks for your help!

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Tech Wizard

Hi Kristian,

The volume-up button on my phone does not always respond to the first tap while on a call, so keep tapping or press and hold volume-up during a call until it hopefully works?

Please refer to the point of sale if the issue persist. Proper evaluation is best done hands-on, and in this case it's easy to show what is failing.


Finally found one post with the same problem as i have. Please keep this post updated.

I hope the upcoming Oreo 8.1 update will fix the problem, although I somehow doubt it. I wonder why there aren't more people complaining about it -  I'm sure it's a software issue, so more people should be affected by it...

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