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Volume during regular phone call way too low

When I make a phone call, the call volume is way too low. This has not always been this case, only since the Oreo update. But the speaker is fine, because when I place a call via an app, like a Whatsapp call, Telegram call or Skype call, the volume is fine. It's just normal cellular calls. I guess it's a software issue, not a hardware issue. Does anybody have the same problem? I know, I'm old fashioned, I still use my smartphone as an actual phone - and I consider placing phone calls the most important feature on a phone, so I'm quite desperate. And I already reset my phone to factory settings - to no avail.

Thanks for your help!

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Tech Wizard

Hi Kristian,

The volume-up button on my phone does not always respond to the first tap while on a call, so keep tapping or press and hold volume-up during a call until it hopefully works?

Please refer to the point of sale if the issue persist. Proper evaluation is best done hands-on, and in this case it's easy to show what is failing.


Finally found one post with the same problem as i have. Please keep this post updated.

I hope the upcoming Oreo 8.1 update will fix the problem, although I somehow doubt it. I wonder why there aren't more people complaining about it -  I'm sure it's a software issue, so more people should be affected by it...

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I have the same problem with Nokia 6. After first Oreo update, the volume in call is incredible low. If i'm outside with some background noise, i can't hear anything. I understand that the default value for maxim volume is now set lower than before. I hope that the next update will fix this problem. 

I went to the shop where I bought my phone and told them my problem. They sent it back to Nokia, and ten days later I got it back, and now it's working fine again :-) They told me that they did a software update of some sort. 

Following this topic.

I hace the same issue on my one week old nokia 6.1.

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I don't make many phone calls, but today i found out i have this problem too. I know when i bought this phone, it worked wel, i guess it happened after the june update. And it's not only in regular phone calls, when i make a call in whatsapp, the volume is way too low too.

I had the same problem. About a week i have read a post here where a guy said that he fixed his problem by cleaning the earpiece with a needle. So, after i cleaned my earpiece (speaker), the sound is loud and clear. If you plan to do this, take care with the needle, not to broke something in the speaker. 

I have the same issue with my new Nokia 6.1. and I have been searching for some resolution, couldn't find any. and it is an issue only with the regular calls. if I do a call using whatsapp the volume is great.

I have this very same issue. The phone is barely two months old. It worked fine until today where the call audio has gone really low and is of very poor quality. I have tried restarting it but no luck.
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