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Hello! I'm using Nokia 5 and it's currently running in Android Oreo. I would like to ask if there's no default app for "gallery"? I'm not comfortable whenever i search my photos on Google Photos app, can you make a default gallery app? (That we will not going search on playstore and download gallery app on it) it really makes us difficult to use your Nokia phones and lastly you don't have an "recording app" that is also important. You should work on it now for better usage of this phone. Other than that camera and software on it are highly recommended to other users. Pls do cooperate and have some time to manage this. Thankyou! -PH Nokia user
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Tech Wizard

3rd party applications wouldn't have existed if they didn't offer different customization/features which users would like.

Read the reviews and check out which gallery application would work out for you. I use "QuickPic" as Google Photos was too heavy and crashed often on my phone.

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