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6085 flip phone -How do I transfer pics and video from phone to on-board micro SD card?

My mother-in-law has an old, disabled flip phone with pictures and video that she wants me to retrieve. No SIM card or USB cable, but it does have a charging cable.  I have the phone charged up and can see the pictures, but I can't find the protocol for transferring media to an on-board mini SD card that I installed.

How do I transfer media from the phone to the card?


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Tech Wizard

Try and transfer the images and Video by Bluetooth. else after inserting an SD card, try to Copy/Move the media to SD card. ( You could format it once if it is not detected)

If both fail, connect the phone to a PC with a new USB cable and copy data.

Copy Contacts - 
1. Install Nokia PC Suite on PC, Sync the contacts between PC and phone. Go to contacts, Select All and Export them to .CSV file format. Once this is done, you can open Gmail on a browser and Import the same to contacts.
2. Save contacts to SD card on Lumia phone and transfer to android. transfer the same to your Nokia phone and Import using contacts application.

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