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Issues in repair/support service.


I am a bit mad right now.

My Nokia 8 arrived, from two weeks in reppair,  just out the box i notice in the antena line in the up right side a dent, and there is something traped inside the up right corner, but ok, i got the phone back. Image atached,

I put it to charged 30m, like it was written in the repair report, after i put my SIM card, i am Vodafone client, anda the gsm or 4g signal is inconsistent, i cant made any calls and text message, wifi is working as it should, but the carrier network not. I put the SIM card in the sim 2, and is the same thing, i changed with my boyfriend who is in a different carrier and the same thing.

The thirted thing that i cant understand, the report is from a company that i dont kown, IQOR, i thouht i was sending my phone to Nokia Care, and i recived a report from a Nokia 3 in german, this things are a bit confuse. Attached images.

I have only the cellphone for less then two month and i cant used it, and it goes again for repair.

How are you pretend to resolved the problem?

Best reggards, 

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