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Thx for our blind belief on you #HMD NOKIA

When I'm child, Nokia is a brand which we blindly trust them... When I grow up Nokia shutdown and I was very disappointed.... After few years I read that HMD collaborating with Nokia and soon come back to race in market Very very happy when I heard that news....I'm using one plus 5 which was great phone.... But to give support to Nokia brand after deep sleep I decided to support my side... Hence after Nokia releases his prestigious FLAGSHIP NOKIA 8....I sell my one plus 5 with loss and buyed Nokia 8, actually before Nokia 8 launching in India I watched lot of YouTube reviews not 1 or 2 People... everyone said issue with Nokia 8 camera where hardware is good but bad in software.. . hence I have belief that soon Nokia fix it's camera software issues and buyed it.... Now it's around more than 7 months still no camera updates.... Thanks for that... 1. We don't want to hear your drama's about camera's already very late shame of you Nokia 2. If you really want to give best to your customers.... Make capacitive lights as notification lights.... Instead of glance 3. I use many 3rd party applications for sound recorder as well as call recorder but seems does not work for long.... Where I tried buyed application's too..! NOTE - THOSE WHO BUYING NOKIA 7 PLUS OR NOKIA 8 SIROCCO....wait for few days after launched in India....then you get cons and wait how Nokia's speed up to fix the issues

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Cool story bro.

its not story betler what  he say is exactly right, when i buyed nokia 8 my friend buyed one plus, when i compared one plus 5 and nokia 8, one plus is more valuable for more great features.

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Maybe it is but ranting on here isn't going to get anyone anywhere, it is a community forum not Nokia tech support. The OP said he watched loads of videos about the Nokia 8, went and bought it off his/her own free will and is now moaning it is doing exactly what the videos they watched said it did lol

If you really want to get your point across to Nokia then people would be much better off airing their opinions to @Nokiamobile on Twitter where you are telling the people that matter.

their playing drama's 

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its very helpful if their provide navigation lights as led notification and moreover people are very tired about their useless camera it performs good in day light but even though slow focus need to work alot for imporvement.

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 I agree withh you mate.

After several months now with a Nokia 8 I have formed the opinion that HMD are extremely unresponsive to customer feedback and requests and are simply cashing in on the name and reputation of old Nokia... and I fell for it.

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