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Give us some useful apps

I've been using Nokia 6 for 3 weeks now but I really miss the wp8.1 (not Microsoft, the os's itself thanks to you guys it was pretty much perfect) İt was had the all the basic and useful apps that I need Can you please develop some apps for Android the current version is nice yes, it's so pure but this is the problem; it's so empty. I know you guys prefer fast update but please add some original apps, don't go overboard just add a gallery app that we are manage both Google drive and OneDrive photos, (with black background of course) actually you can make something like the original wp8 gallery app; it was pretty useful; you were able to get all of the photos and picture apps from one app (when you open the app the app shows you the pictures you took and downloaded first, than when you swipe to right it was showing the folders and one more swipe and voila all the camera apps ) And we should get a Nokia video &music hub too; similar to wp8 video-music app (damn you Ms what kind of idiot would split them to 2 useless apps) And please add a physical camera button to Nokia 9 it's hard to use the camera without the button

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I agree about the Nokia Lumia apps, they were slick, the gesture interface was great compared to Android. I'd also like to have a separate two stage camera button.
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