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Ois support

Im using a Nokia 6 and it has no ois Gotta say my old Nokia Lumia was way better it was has ois The videos that I record are terrible I hope that Nokia 9 will good.

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Well, I doubt the 6 will ever get OIS because it's not a top of the line phone, however if the 9 has a world leading camera it would be a Shane if it didn't also have OIS.

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nokia 6 is a mid range device, OIS is aimed for high end devices, so a nokia 6 or 6.1 with OIS is unlikely to happen anytime soon

You guys do know that OIS is actually a physical component right :D you're talking about it like it's a software

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As far as I know all of us are talking about OIS as a possible hardware feature to be incorporated in future releases of nokia 6, nokia 6.1 does not have OIS despite having ZEISS optics....and perhaps it won't be different when nokia 6.2 or nokia6 2019 is released. I mean OIS is a hardware capability...EIS is a software solution aimed to resolved in part the lack of physical hardware OIS in phones like for example nokia 8 Sirocco....maybe...maybe the closest to having OIS in a nokia 6..6.1...6.2...etc is to have EIS since it could be deployed via software update...something that is impossible with OIS.

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 Good clarification. My reference to the 6 was implicitly a future model, e.g. the Nokia 6 (2019).

I really hope that the future models going to have OIS Especially Nokia 9; I'm looking the devices that Nokia has released and I'm little bit disappointed. None of them have OIS or stereo speaker; these are essential for a good smartphone. And they talking about making extraordinary phones; well they are not Putting a curved screen is not makes a phone extraordinary, putting really useful stuff makes it; for example if Nokia 8 sirocco was came out with classic amoled screen, ois and with a good stereo speaker and Dolby Atmos and THX certificate this would made it perfect in my eyes .

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