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Driver USB for "Windows XP SP3"

When I connect (USB cable) the Nokia 5 to my PC with the "Windows XP Service Pack 3" operating system, it requires me to install the drivers it can not find.

Without driver the internal memory is not accessible, but only the "CDROM" partition is visible and clicking on the setup.exe file starts the USB driver installation procedure, but immediately after it closes without any driver installed.

Do you have solutions or other software to suggest to solve the problem?
Thank you

XP has been obsolete and unsupported for many years now, so it's not particularly surprising that you are encountering driver issues. The default USB mode for the 5 should be MTP (Media Transfer Protocol), so that's what you need to be looking for. I believe it is installed as part of Windows Media Player on XP, if you can find an old release of that.

Thanks @Murph for your suggestion

xp is now obsolete and no longer supported, but so far with other brands / models of smartphones there has never been any problem because just connected automatically installed the software with necessary drivers.

I did some tests:
- installed "Windows Media Player 11"
- installed "Media Transfer Protocol Porting Kit" - mtppk12.exe
- enabled developer option and usb debugging on my nokia 5

but nothing, among the unrecognized peripherals always appears "MTP" in yellow

as a hardware id I have:


I hope in other suggestions about it

thank you

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