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unable to switch on my cell phone

i restarted my phone , but now its showing only black screen with "POWERED BY/ ANDROID"


what can i do 

anyone can help me plz

looks like you're phone is bricked . Unlike Sony, Currently HMD Global  do not provide any official Recovery Software. So It's Better  If you can give it to Nokia Care. They'll fix issue within few minutes. 

Tech Wizard

First first try if a soft reset makes a difference: Press and hold the volume-up and power buttons simultaneously until the phone restarts, and release both buttons when 'powered by android' is displayed on the screen.

Before taking the phone to service, I suggest try if you can get into the recovery menu. Please note that a factory reset deletes all user data in phone memory. In addition to the instructions copy/pasted from elsewhere, I suggest remove the SD memory card (if any) from the phone before proceeding:


Power off your phone.
Connect your phone to a charger.

"POWERED BY android" logo will appear, followed by the battery charging screen.

Hold VOLUME UP + POWER BUTTON for 10 seconds, release.

During the 10 seconds, your phone will power cycle, followed by the "POWERED BY android" logo, followed by an image of Bugdroid (Android robot) with the text "no command".
If you see the the NOKIA logo instead of Bugdroid, you released VOLUME UP + POWER BUTTON too early or too late. Start over.

From the "no command" screen, hold POWER BUTTON, tap VOLUME UP, release POWER BUTTON. This should take you into Recovery Mode.


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