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Mobile data not working

Yesterday im updated android oreo 8.1 version, then my mobile data was not working

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Tech Wizard

Did you try restart or soft reset the phone?
To soft reset: Press and hold volume-up and power simultaneously until the phone restarts and release the buttons when 'powered by android' is displayed on the screen.

I also have the same problem. Now my phone was in Android Oreo 8.1 version. But my mobile data was not working. I try to Restart it and Turn off it. But it's still the same :(
I am facing the same problem. No mobile data and poor wifi connection after the may security and android 8.1 update. A factory reset was not the solution, the problem still exists.
I use nokia6 mobile data is not open but all net work is going . How is it slove this problem .i use jio sim then this problem is start.
Same issue with this update, but on a Nokia 8. Carrier is Bouygues Telecom.

Facing the same issue, Mobile data not working in my Nokia 6.1 Plus with BSNL SIM. Any solution to  fix this.

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