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Nokia 8 March Security Patch - When?

I have a Nokia 8 with 8.1 Oreo and the February Security Patch. I'm still waiting on the March patch - which I'm keen to get ASAP, because it fixes the problem with internet connection tethering, which is proving a bit of a pain for me at the moment.

I'm on the 3 network in the UK. I've seen others on the forum say they've received the update, but I don't know in what territories they are resident.

I'm sure the February patch arrive in mid-February, but we're at the end of March now? Is there something I need to do to force the update?

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I would like to know this as well. I am on EE in the UK, still not update.

You'd be better off asking these with this being a community forum no one knows really

Yeah I'm wondering too, I'm on EE in the UK and only just got 8.1 this morning, finally finally! But it's still on the Feb patch, and as it's April on Sunday the March patch is very late indeed.
I doubt we'll get it until next month, Nokia have forgotten about the 8 since the sircco!

I too am waiting on the March security update. I think the issue could be with the file names.

Info taken from here:


Nokia 8, version 00WW_4_84A, released on February 13, 2018

Nokia 8, 00WW_4_84A_SP01, released on March 14, 2018


As you can see, both versions start with the same characters of 00WW_4_84A. If this is the only piece of data that is transmitted between the handset and HMD’s servers to check on updates, then each time it will respond (correctly) with the message of being up to date. This could explain why we have not received the update. 

Didn't take Nokia and HMD long to break their promise of regular monthly updates, seems like their focus is only focused on sales .......
Noticed from NPU website that UK Nokia 5, 6 & 8 haven't had March security update in UK. Not impressed.
Asked twitter nokiamobile about March update. They just refer you to support if they even bother to reply . Support no help. They end up saying it will eventually come through. Will see how future updates go and if stays slow won't bother to buy Nokia Android phone again when I replace my Nokia 8.
This is most likely an issue with your mobile carrier. Depending on the carrier, Nokia submits the update to the carrier for authentication. It is then up to the carrier to push it out. For example, in my country on my carrier the Nokia 8 already has the March security update.
My Nokia 8 Is Sim Free from Nokia, Still no March update

That's really weird. What country? A lot of people having the issue in this thread seem to be from the UK. In South Africa the Nokia 8 already has the update.

I'm in the UK, looks like Nokia has forgotten about us, this is why I wish they Unlocked their bootloader! At least then we can put a custom ROM on it! I always install custom on my old devices to keep them alive I hope they do this for the Nokia line as well!
Mine is sim free from UK. Know of people on EE, Three, Vodafone and o2 and all have no update. What's the point of buying sim free if still have to wait for carriers approval.
It's 100% not a carrier issue on Sim Free models it's Nokia releasing the updating in specific regions first, like I know some phones running 8.0 have the March update 
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