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Nokia 8 Burn-in issue.

I have updated my phone before 3 month to oreo..But nowadays i seeing that my nokia 8 display facing burn in issue in 4 side of display. And status bar icon stays at there but not in all time but when i open picture like grey color have in it shows burn-in effect. what should i do. But wgen i test rgb pixel color it shows all are perfect. But in grey and greish black color came burn in issue shows.

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Sounds like you have the screen up at maximum brightness and you are seeing light bleed more than image retention (screen burn doesn't happen on LCD)

Me too, after the security update patch in March

Tech Wizard

I guess what you see is the fading / transparent menu background?

For example, in Google Photos, with the menu displayed:


And after tapping the screen to hide the menu:


It's an IPS LCD, it shouldn't burn in unlike an AMOLED..

This problem is like a burned-in OLED screen, when I open a gray image the 4 edges of the screen are yellowed and the status bar is sticking there. This problem occurs after me update March security patch for nokia8, sorry for the grammar because I'm not native

No, we mean sth like this. Please see attached picture. I used your picture and simulated this effect on a PC. I have 1) red sides and 2) you can also see the status bar (I only show the time here). It looks VERY MUCH like a burn in. And yes, it should NOT burn in like on an amoled screen. This is a problem! My phone is not even half a year old and the screen has burn-ins. I will NOT recommend a Nokia phone anymore.


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It's probably a factory defect, i don't know.. you should send the phone to Nokia.

I've just tested my phone (got it somewhere october last year) with this app on full brightness :

I can't see any burn-in, on any of the colors, just some minor backlight bleeding which is normal for an IPS panel.

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