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Nokia Cast screen is not working?

Hello. I purchased new Nokia 8 and it's cast screen with PC is not working. I don't want to use Chrome cast because that requires internet and too much lag. Actually I have 5 smartphones of other brands that I can directly connect with PC . But I can't do in Nokia 8. Nokia why u removed these features ? No and game caster or gamer with purchase Nokia phones. I will also make a YouTube video for this. A big dislike . if I can fix this problem then do it .

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I have contacted support and the replay was that only Chromecast is supported and you have to by receiver.

All other brands have this support n running it flawlessly except this shitty device.....I ve recently bought a screen mirroring device and I'm very much upset with this.they also has no radio in it....i will never buy Nokia hmd global devices again.

It was removed by Google quite a long time ago and if you buy a phone for the near stock experience then you aren't going to get it unless you use Chromecast.

Certain manufactures removed Miracast as far back as 2014 so it isn't in anyway shape or form a Nokia/HMD issue.

Then why Chromecast supports on TV , it should also made of Pc,/Computers,laptop etc.

Dunno, probably because Chromecast is a Google product and they want you to buy the devices, why Google removed Miracast is a mystery to most but the common consensus is of course it all boils down to money.

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