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Android Auto

My car is not recognizing my phone (and never has). I am running 8.1.0 and using the cable that shipped with my Nokia 6. The phone is being plugged into (the appropriate USB port of) a 2018 Volvo XC90. When i use the same cable to plug in an old Moto G, the car immediately recognizes it and Android Auto starts... I have tried all of the recommendations listed on this site, including going into developer mode and turning on USB debugging... Anything else I can try? I am about ready to dump this phone. A shame because I otherwise love it. 

I think this is what worked for me. Go to background activity manager. Turn off the blacklist for Android auto.

Ready to return my Nokia 6.1 because of inability to connect to my car with Android Auto. Is anyone aware of any Nokia phone which successfully works with Android Auto and a car head unit?

When in USB debug mode select Audio Source (not MTP)  in USB configuration, this worked for me on Nokia 6, Android 8.1, Android Auto version 3.6.58

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