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Android 8.1

I am happy with the 7+ (dutch)  Evertthing works good and super ...only Why not start with the security update march on my 7+ and , or android 8.1 .

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I also have a Nokia 7+ since yesterday (Belgium) and i was surprised it didn't update to Android 8.1 and the March security update.  I thought with Android One it gets theses updates automatically.

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Yes i thought the same here with android one . My brother here have the same the 7+ yesterday ...only also security feb Only IT is a new type ...Maybe we must have patient for the 7+ . I think that it Comes good with the 7+ and Nokia. The 7+ is super good ... Everything works fine ... IT is a good phone ,I want not more back to Samsung , Apple etc hahaha. Only hope that Nokia works good with android one updates! Now is on my old 6 the security from march ..and It goes to 8.1 hahaha :) We wait patiently ;)
I found It better and better i have the 7+ 7days , a beautiful phone . Everything works super good . Now only the 8.1 than I want no other more as Nokia :) I Read next week Comes 8.1 ;)

Yes it is a very good phone.  I have the 7+ for 10 days now and i am truly happy. 

 Fingerprint scanner works quickly, so does charging.  Photos are great (i even installed the Google Camera app to check if there is a difference, but i don't see it.

Battery life is long, although for me it doesn't last 2 days as mentioned.

 Only negative point is that is does not have a notification led :-(

Now Android 8.1 + latest security patch and i am very very happy :-D

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Just a few minutes ago i received the upgrade to Oreo 8.1 (V2.13B) & update Google Security Patch 2018-04.

Size is 590.2MB

(I live in Belgium)

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Here the same in the Netherlands :) Everything good ;) Camera little bit better and bluetooth and menu ...and security may ;)

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I noticed that in the Gestures settings there are more options now:

Turn Over to reject call

Mute on pickup

Already existing:

Swipe fingerprint for notifications

Jump to Camera

Lift to check phone

Well i'm happy with the phone, only after update to 8.1 face unlock is no longer available. I have done everything Nokia has asked to try and solve this, but nothing worked.i hope a patch will come out soon.

Hong Kong got 8.1 update on 12/4/2018

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