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Android 8.1

I am happy with the 7+ (dutch)  Evertthing works good and super ...only Why not start with the security update march on my 7+ and , or android 8.1 .

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I also have a Nokia 7+ since yesterday (Belgium) and i was surprised it didn't update to Android 8.1 and the March security update.  I thought with Android One it gets theses updates automatically.

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Yes i thought the same here with android one . My brother here have the same the 7+ yesterday ...only also security feb Only IT is a new type ...Maybe we must have patient for the 7+ . I think that it Comes good with the 7+ and Nokia. The 7+ is super good ... Everything works fine ... IT is a good phone ,I want not more back to Samsung , Apple etc hahaha. Only hope that Nokia works good with android one updates! Now is on my old 6 the security from march ..and It goes to 8.1 hahaha :) We wait patiently ;)
I found It better and better i have the 7+ 7days , a beautiful phone . Everything works super good . Now only the 8.1 than I want no other more as Nokia :) I Read next week Comes 8.1 ;)

Yes it is a very good phone.  I have the 7+ for 10 days now and i am truly happy. 

 Fingerprint scanner works quickly, so does charging.  Photos are great (i even installed the Google Camera app to check if there is a difference, but i don't see it.

Battery life is long, although for me it doesn't last 2 days as mentioned.

 Only negative point is that is does not have a notification led :-(

Now Android 8.1 + latest security patch and i am very very happy :-D

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Just a few minutes ago i received the upgrade to Oreo 8.1 (V2.13B) & update Google Security Patch 2018-04.

Size is 590.2MB

(I live in Belgium)

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Here the same in the Netherlands :) Everything good ;) Camera little bit better and bluetooth and menu ...and security may ;)

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I noticed that in the Gestures settings there are more options now:

Turn Over to reject call

Mute on pickup

Already existing:

Swipe fingerprint for notifications

Jump to Camera

Lift to check phone

Well i'm happy with the phone, only after update to 8.1 face unlock is no longer available. I have done everything Nokia has asked to try and solve this, but nothing worked.i hope a patch will come out soon.

Hong Kong got 8.1 update on 12/4/2018

The Nokia 7 Plus I have is stuck on Android 8.0.0 and the Feb 2018 security patch. The phone will not update to a newr March or April security patch or get Android 8.1.  The main reason to get the phone was for fast software and security updates.  Sad to say, great looking phone, but as with so many other phones on Android, let down by slow security and software updates.  We were promised by Nokia that Android One was the solution to this problem.  Please Nokia deliver on that promise and you have a great phone range and selling point, but slow Android One updates are just not on.  

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Just yesterday, on a hunch, I rebooted my 7 Plus into Safe Mode. It downloaded and installed the April patches (from the February ones it came with) and Android 8.1 that it claimed where not there when booted normally. If I remember correctly, open the shutdown dialogue by pressing and holding the power button, and than tapping and holding the shutdown button. It should then reboot into Safe Mode, or ask you for confirmation to do so. In my case it would seem a third party app was interfering with the updater. I had migrated from my previous phone, so I hadn't started clean, so I'm not yet sure which is to blame. It's possible I'll have to wipe it clean in the future, if the problem persists.

I upgraded from 8.0 to 8.1 and few day after I did factory reset, beacuse phone went very slow. Now is my phone working great minus below.

- No HD videos in Facebook

- sometimes is 3 part apps slaggy 

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Hi all, I bought the Nokia 7 Plus today in the UK. It's a lovely phone, exceptional build quality etc. But I was disappointed to still be on Android 8.0 instead of 8.1 and still on February Security patch instead of May. I was under the impression that the "Android One" programme means we get the updates as quick as Google Pixel phones or just after. Anyone else thought the same?

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Same issue, I've had my 7+ for a month now, still no update to 8.1 Considering that android one was a main selling point, this is ridiculous. Nokia better sort this out soon.

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