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I have just purchased a 3310 3G and have had a look at the User Guide at the Nokia web site.

Whoever wrote this should be looking for a new job, as well as the person who proofed it. (Assuming someone did!)

The first thing that I noticed is that the 'FM Radio' icon is used instead of the 'Settings' icon. How could someone not notice this???

There is no way to search for what you are looking for either. Come on Nokia, a PDF document would be of much more use.

But after my phone was silent when receiving TXT messages I when into Settings - Personalisation - Sounds

and there are three settings NOT mentioned in the user guide.

Vibration, Notification Alerts, & Warnings.

I turned Notification Alerts on to see if I will get an audible warning on my next incoming TXT.

I can guess what turning on and off Vibration does. But what does Warnings do??

Of course I sent an email through the Nokia Support web page but I have had no reply. Shame shame

And my last comment.

The battery does not last 27 days on standby as promoted. Nothing like it! Maybe 2 weeks max. 

Tried to set the predictive text. Instrustions use the fm radio icon and just doesn't work even if i substitute with settings icon. I think someone ported the manual for a completely different phone os version :-(

 For some reason predictive texting is now working. I have no idea why. Instructions definitely still wrong

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