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With a promised 2 year OS upgrade, will Nokia 8 (2017), get Android Q?

Nokia 8 has been promised an Android P upgrade. Since it was released in August 2017, the same time as Android Oreo, and with a 2 year promised upgrade of the OS, would it get Android Q, which would be released by Google around the usual time of August 2019? I ask this question because Nokia 8 was released with Android Nougat and getting Android Q would lead to 3 major OS upgrades which would be great, but exceptional.

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I seriously doubt the Nokia 8 will get Android Q, if HMD are still around then (and i sincerely hope they are) they will have released that many handsets they simply wont be able to continue support for such an old handset.

It is also possible that Qualcomm could refuse to release updated drivers, they did it with the Snapdragon S3 and a myriad of flagship devices were left high and dry.

In theory, Android O brought out Project Treble which allows google to update the operating system without the need for hardware developers to have to update their drivers.

 Which is great but the Nokia 8 isn't a part of Project Treble.

But didn't one of the major personnel from Nokia said on Twitter that not adding project Treble was their headache to work more for better updates and the users won't feel the difference?

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