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Nokia 3310 3g; flawed bluetooth?

 I had a 3310 which worked perfectly well, in my Land Rover Freelander. I purchased the 3g version of the phone and there is a problem with the connection with my brand new Hyundai HB20 and the phonebook doesn't download in both my cars. I contacted customer care and they insist there is no problem. Is it possible that the 3310 worked perfectly well and the 3310 3g doesn't work properly, without there being a problem with the 3310 3g?

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I have the same issue with my new nokia 3310 3g and the built in sterio of a 2016 VW Jetta. Sterio Car Kit works fine with my old Nokia 6500 classic. Error I get on the car kit suggests it can't get phone info properly as it shows low battery and can't import contacts. Does allow me to recieve calls or make calls using the keypad on sterio
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