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notification light

I got my Nokia 7+ since yesterday (Belgium) and was surprised the notification light is not working.  I can see there is one, left from the top speaker but it does not work.  Is it disabled? if so, why?

Almost every other phone (cheaper & more expensive ones) have notification leds.

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Since 2012, only 2 of the 8 phones i have owned has had an LED notification and then the last phone i bought that had one was in 2013, so to say nearly all phones have them is incorrect

MrBelter - Since 2009 I have had over a dozen different Android phones plus some Windows and even some Symbian too...... And a notification LED has been present on the vast majority of them all. Samsung, LG, Sony, Nokia and down to your Xioami and Huawei/Honor all have notification LED support right now in 2018.

So yes, the vast majority of phones (worth their salt) do have them.

Nokia 7 plus does not have notification LED, but this is must function for me.
Glance screen is not available. I hear "lift to check" can be used, but still i need to touch the phone.

Do we have any ways to check notification without touching the phone? What's the alternative for notification light?

I use LEDBlinker Pro which uses the screen to announce notifications.  You can give a color to each app you want to receive notifications from.  Works perfect for me.

Thanks, GuyM.
I installed LEDBlinker to my Nokia 6. Though I worry about battery, it looks ok for notification. However, I need FM radio by signal. It cannot be enabled on Nokia 7 plus, as Nokia 8.
They're mandatory for me. I'm thinking to buy Sony XA2 Ulatra, which has both of them. NOkia 7 plus looks much cooler. Sad.

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Nokia 7 plus

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