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Better Asthetic Design for Antenna Lines.

We all love the original Scandinavian Design of Nokia designed phones that made it aesthetic and made it stand out. The antenna lines though is a designer's nightmare, so with reference to the straight disgusting element of Nokia 8 and Nokia 6's antenna lines I've got an idea that may make HMD improve the aesthetics of the products as well as differenciate it while still being nostalgic Nokia - INSTEAD OF THE GREY PLASTIC ANTENNA LINES ON PHONES LET'S US USE THE TRANSPARENT PLASTIC MATERIAL THAT HAD BEEN USED FOR ACHIEVING THE CRYSTAL CLEAR DESIGN SHELL ON ASHA 503, 502, 500,... JUST FOR THE ANTENNA LINES.

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Add I said before, I really like this idea. In fact, I like the idea of transparent cases - the LGFx0 Firefox OS phone is a design masterpiece. It would be brave for Nokia to do something similar, but it would be a unique, recognisable design.

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exc idea, to use ASHA design strengths with other models to address antenna lines never ending issue  

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